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Humphrey Stud Earrings Alpenherz Diamond

Humphrey Alpenherz diamond ear studs stainless steel

from Humphrey
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19x17mm, matt polished, 2 brilliants each 0.03ct tw-VS

The Humphrey heart from the Alps - affectionately called the heart of the Alps - was designed by Norbert Muerrle. It's cool, sexy, attractive, desirable and chic. The ear studs have a matte finish.

The diamonds are set using a classic setting technique that Humphrey further developed for stainless steel. A “bed” is milled into the piece of jewelry for the diamond. Then the diamond is precisely measured (calibrated). This brilliant is now placed in the barrel bed and a little material is placed over the edge of the stone. In the picture you can see a small ring around the diamond. The diamond is now securely in the piece of jewellery.

The ear stud patent - called O-Pop by us - was developed and protected by Humphrey. It contains a spring inside, the secure seat of which does not change even after years. The size is optimal, you can hold the part well, but not too big to attract attention. A spherical indentation ensures that the pin of the ear stud automatically finds its way into the hole.

With proper treatment, Humphrey offers a 2-year guarantee on the secure hold of the gemstone. However, the lifespan is unlimited. Most of the jewelry ever produced by Humphrey is still worn.


The 4 C's are important for diamonds. Diamonds are judged at 10x magnification:

- Carat (weight): In this piece of jewellery, each diamond weighs 0.03 ct. (2mm diameter)
- Color: The diamonds we use are F or Top Wesselton color
- Clearity: Humphrey generally uses VS stones. VS stands for very small inclusions that are barely visible to the naked eye
- Cut: Is the most important C for us. This is where it is decided whether the diamond will sparkle in normal light or whether it is shabby. Manufacturers often save here. Humphrey only uses brilliant cut diamonds.

Humphrey is careful to only purchase diamonds from suppliers who comply with the United Nations Resolutions. Therefore we can guarantee that our diamonds are not affected by any conflict.

A diamond brings joy on many days and for a lifetime!

Hersteller Humphrey
Geschlecht ladies
Typ classic;trendy;elegant
Schmuckart ear studs
Material stainless steel
Besatz diamond trimming
Steinform brilliant
Breite (MM) 17
Höhe 19mm

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