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Humphrey pendant colored gemstone Musicus

Humphrey Jewelry, Musicus Colored Gemstone Pendant

from Humphrey
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Topaz blue 4 mm round, stainless steel eyelet

The musician

was designed by Norbert Muerrle. This piece of jewelry is extravagant and goes beyond the ordinary. The design is inspired by a musical instrument – ​​the French horn. It could have something to do with the fact that a big music festival took place in Humphrey's hometown in the year it was made. A suspiciously large number of Humphrey employees were seen at this party for several days.

The colored gemstone sits diagonally in the pendant and appears to be floating. All lines are curved and form a perfect harmony.

The pendant is matted and all corners and edges are softened.

Humphrey offers a 2-year guarantee on the secure hold of the gemstone if treated properly. However, the lifespan is unlimited. Most of the jewelry Humphrey ever produced is still worn.


Topaz takes its name from an island in the Red Sea, which was called Topazos in ancient times. In fact, another mineral, olivine, was mined there and was long confused with topaz. Another explanation of the name comes from the Sanskrit word tapas, which means "fire" or "light".

Topaz has been known for at least 2,000 years and is one of the gemstones that form the foundations of the twelve gates to the New Jerusalem, the city of God. These stones were intended to serve as a symbol of beauty and splendor and as a defense against enemies.

The color of topaz range from yellow, light blue, light green, tawny, reddish brown, red, purple and colorless. Humphrey only uses blue and white topazes. Many topazes change color through treatment. This also applies to our blue topazes, as they would otherwise attract enormous prices.

With a grade of 8 on the 10-part Mohs scale, topaz is one of the hardest of all gemstones - only diamond, sapphire and ruby ​​are harder.

A colored gemstone brings joy for many days and for a lifetime!

Hersteller Humphrey
Geschlecht ladies
Typ trendy;elegant
Schmuckart follower
Material stainless steel
Verarbeitung matted
Besatz Topaz, genuine colored gemstones

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