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Kronaby - Juwelier Steiner



The Kronaby brand was launched in 2017 and belongs to the Festina Group. Kronaby designs, develops, markets and sells hybrid smartwatches that look like traditional watches but have smartwatch functionality. All watches are made in Malmö, Sweden.

Kronaby - A smart watch

A Kronaby watch is where a classic exterior meets an interior of sophisticated technology. The timepieces can be connected to the smartphone via the Kronaby app and inspire with numerous options and features that can be individually adapted to your needs. Movement reminder, filtered notifications, silent alarm, auto time zone, date, pedometer, timer, stopwatch, additional time zone, music control and much more - with a Kronaby you definitely own a smarter watch! All models are available with a stainless steel case, sapphire glass, 10 bar water resistance and a battery life of up to 2 years.

The five Kronaby collections

Kronaby created five families of products to appeal to five types of audiences with different aesthetic preferences. All have been developed according to Scandinavian design principles that make something complex simple without losing usability.

Apex Collection
Elegance with a touch of sport, pure and strong design, bold and daring touches, Precision for every challenge - that's the Apex collection from Kronaby. These practical and excellent watches are for those who know what they want and are not afraid to go for it.

Sekel Collection
An exquisite watch with a Scandinavian flair, pure design and celebrates the art of traditional watchmaking. Analogue precision, premium quality and the understated design make these watches perfect for any occasion. You can concentrate fully on what is important to you.

Nord Collection
The Nord watches are modern and classic constructions that contain much more than meets the eye. These high quality Scandinavian timepieces are well proportioned, versatile and modern in design. Tailor-made material selection and the expression of harmony and purity stand the test of time.

Carat Collection
Exquisite and beautiful without being extravagant - these are the Carat models from Kronaby. These practical and elegant watches express self-confidence and are radiant companions for every occasion. Simple in look and yet very sophisticated.

Diver Collection
Intelligent functions, strong color combinations, absolute precision and robustness. The sporty Diver watches are sophisticated, diverse and reliable partners on every adventure.