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Humphrey - Juwelier Steiner



In Bregenz in Vorarlberg, Austria, the company Roland Baldauf e.U. the doors of jewelry brand Humphrey in 1995. Stainless steel jewelry wasn't given much attention back then, but then Humphrey made stainless steel jewelry what it is today: affordable, high quality and extremely popular with young and old.

Precious stainless steel and gemstone jewelery with alpine charisma

The "Alpenherz" collection is a particular highlight, which adorns beautiful pieces of jewelery with a wide variety of heart symbols and is intended to contribute to good luck. Matted or polished, this stainless steel jewelery is reminiscent of the valuable metal titanium. "Twister" is an intelligent collection of rings that can be individually adjusted thanks to elastic ring rails. The Twister Ring can be worn on any finger. "Mountain Chameleon" is another collection from Humphrey that impresses with its expressive colors and remarkable patterns. The gemstone jewelry consists of colored gemstones in a wide variety of colors, which ensure a powerful expression. This is how the gemstone jewelry becomes something very special. "Musicus" presents jewelry made of stainless steel, gemstones and diamonds with stylish perfection and based on music. Norbert Muerrle designed the internationally renowned "Alpenhai" collection for Humphrey. The jewelry is breathtakingly beautiful and multi-faceted. Fascinating shapes are available as brilliant jewellery, pearl jewellery, and gemstone jewellery, which appear both modern and timeless.

Brilliant jewelery for today's woman

Indescribably elaborate and with extravagant shapes, this is how brilliant jewelery presents itself, which could not be more extraordinary. Have you ever worn a square or fanned ring? Owned a simple pendant that exudes pure luxury with just one diamond? Then you should take a look at the brilliant jewelery and let it work its magic on you. Without appearing obtrusive, the brilliant jewelery sets a new accent in the design of stainless steel jewellery. The puristic look, harmonious lines and innovative techniques offer you a unique, handcrafted jewelery collection from Humphrey, which elegantly and stylishly showcases your personality.

Diverse selection at Juwelier Steiner

The wide range of Humphrey jewelery is available at Juwelier Steiner. Rings as well as wedding rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces can also be bought online in the jeweler's online shop as charming and valuable stainless steel jewelry. An excellent service, friendly and competent advice and ultimately the unbelievably low price level ensure a pure experience when shopping online for high-quality jewelery with class.