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radio clocks

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Radio controlled clocks are characterized by the most precise representation of time. Radio-controlled clocks are equipped with a special technology in order to receive the time signal sent by Frankfurt and transmit it to your wristwatch. The specialist for radio-controlled watches is the traditional German brand Junghans, available in the Juwelier Steiner online shop. Buy radio controlled watches with best price guarantee from the official retailer Juwelier Steiner.

Radio controlled wristwatches from Junghans, Seiko & Co.

Radio-controlled wristwatches are very popular not least because of their accuracy. The Junghans mega radio-controlled watch from the German watch manufacturer is one of the absolute top sellers in the Steiner online shop. The entire range of Junghans radio controlled watches is available here!

A Funk Solar men's watch of the extra class can be found in the Seiko range. The SEIKO ASTRON automatically displays the correct time in all 39 time zones on earth, a function that a radio-controlled watch does not have, it needs the respective signal to do so it works correctly.

Large range for men and women

If you are looking for a men's radio-controlled watch, the Juwelier Steiner online shop is the right place for you. In our range you will find radio-controlled watches for men in a wide variety of price ranges. Radio-controlled wristwatches for men are available in the lower price segment from Dugena from around €170 and in the middle and higher price range from Junghans & Seiko.

A model for a women's radio-controlled watch in gold with a brown leather strap is available in Dugena's Steiner shop. The women's radio-controlled watch is characterized above all by high quality and the best materials. Junghans also has a radio-controlled watch for women in its range. The Junghans spectrum radio-controlled watch is characterized by its multi-frequency radio-controlled solar movement and is a unique piece of jewelry with its solar dial with mother-of-pearl.

Is your desired radio-controlled wristwatch not included? No problem, write us, we'll be happy to advise you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why is my radio clock wrong?
    Thanks to the radio signal, a radio clock should actually work to the second. However, sometimes the radio-controlled clock does not set itself and displays the wrong time. There can be various reasons for this:
    * The battery is too weak. This can happen especially with cheap models. Change the battery!
    * Is the correct time zone set?
    * Are there electrical devices nearby that might be interfering with the signal?
    * Does the clock have sufficient reception? Check the reception signal!

Everything checked and the radio clock doesn't work? Contact us, we'll help you!

  • How is a radio clock set?
    You don't have to set a radio clock manually. The radio clock sets itself automatically and receives its signal from Frankfurt. Most radio-controlled clocks in Western Europe, and therefore also in Austria and Germany, receive their signal from the so-called time signal transmitter DCF77 from Frankfurt.
  • How long does it take for a radio clock to set itself?
    In order for the radio clock to set itself, it must receive the signal for at least 38 seconds. In order for all information to be received completely, the radio clock must receive the signal for around two minutes.