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Humphrey ring diamond 5mm

unique diamond ring made of damascus steel

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from Humphrey
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1 brilliant approx. 0.06 ct. 2.5 mm, TW-Vs, max size 59!

Damascus steels are said to have legendary properties. People talk about their incredible durability, films like 'Highlander' create an almost mystical flair around the 'folded' blades and even today we still hear that a knife made of damask can, for example, split nails without being damaged.

The starting material for producing Damascus steel is iron with different contents of accompanying elements such as carbon, manganese, silicon, etc. Damascus steel is folded, forged, folded again, forged, ...

This creates individual internal structures. Humphrey uses selected Damascus steels with appropriate patterns.
The results are optical delicacies that impress with their alternating dark and light lines. They are created by etching the surface because the different layers emerge here. Every piece of jewelry is unique and extraordinary.

The rings have a pattern that is vaguely reminiscent of wood grain. These structures are continuous and can be re-etched at any time. Each pattern is unique and cannot (!) be influenced. The pattern is what it is. All edges are softened and feel soft.

In this ring the diamond is dynamically set in an oblique cut.

The diamond is held by the force (tension) of the stainless steel ring band. It appears to be floating in the ring band. To ensure this is safe, two notches in the shape of the diamond are made in the ring band using computer-controlled machines.

Humphrey has perfected this setting technique since the mid-1990s and offers a 2-year guarantee that the gemstone will be held securely if handled properly. However, the lifespan is unlimited. Most of the jewelry Humphrey ever produced is still worn.

If the ring no longer fits perfectly due to poor or good nutrition, Humphrey offers the option of changing the size. If it were necessary to make a new ring band, the pattern would change!


The 4 C's are important when it comes to diamonds. Diamonds are assessed at 10x magnification:

- Carat (weight) in this piece of jewelry the diamond weighs 0.06 ct. (2.5mm diameter)

- Color: The diamonds used by Humphrey are F or Top Wesselton color

- Clearity: Humphrey generally uses VS stones. VS stands for very small inclusions or very small inclusions that can hardly be seen with the naked eye

- Cut is the most important C for us. This decides whether the diamond sparkles in normal light or is poor. Manufacturers often save money here. Humphrey only uses brilliant cut diamonds.

Humphrey makes sure to only buy diamonds from suppliers who follow the United Nations Resolutions. Therefore, the Humphrey brand can guarantee that its diamonds are not affected by any conflicts.

Hersteller Humphrey
Geschlecht ladies
Typ classic;elegant;trendy
Schmuckart ring
Material stainless steel
Besatz diamond trimming
Steinform brilliant
Breite (MM) 05
Ringweite 51, 56, 47, 52, 57, 48, 53, 58, 49, 54, 59, 50, 55

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