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Humphrey Earrings Twister

Earrings Twister 2mm in stainless steel

from Humphrey
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Ball 12 mm Tahitian pearl 11-12 mm

The goal that Humphrey set for this jewelry line in collaboration with Norbert Muerrle was to find a stainless steel material that is elastic. After more than a year of development work, we now have a 2 mm thick fabric that consists of many individual stainless steel threads in different alloys and thicknesses. The stainless steel threads are twisted and processed into one another. Only the correct arrangement delivers the desired properties.

With this ear jewelry, the bracket can be easily opened to put on the earrings. The bracket then springs back to the closed position and secures the piece of jewelry against loss. The weight is limited and the earrings are comfortable to wear.

The design of the balls may be somewhat reminiscent of the “retro style”. What is certain is that these pieces are simply beautiful.

Humphrey's Tahitian Pearls:

The black-lipped oyster Pinctada Margaritafera produces the black Tahitian pearls in the islands of French Polynesia. The oyster is quite large, sometimes reaching 30 centimeters in diameter. Therefore the pearls are often large. What makes them unique is their natural, dark colors. They can take on gray, silver or charcoal-like shades.

The HUMPHREY jewelry wearer has the certainty of owning a special piece of jewelry.

Dangers for the pearls

Due to their chemical composition, pearls are sensitive to chemical and physical influences (e.g. they should be removed for showering and washing hair).

They consist predominantly of calcium carbonate and the organic horny substance conchyn. Pearls are sensitive to excessive heat, dryness and moisture.

Pearl care

There are special cleansing baths for this that are mild. If possible, pearls should not be cleaned using ultrasound.

You can easily clean the pearls yourself from time to time. Place the pearl in a bath of lukewarm water mixed with a splash of gentle dishwashing liquid and a little alcohol and brush gently. Then rinse the pearl with clean water and dry the pearl with a soft cloth. Every two to three years you can carefully rub the pearl with lanolin.

A piece of pearl jewelry brings joy for many days and a lifetime!

Hersteller Humphrey
Geschlecht ladies
Typ trendy;elegant
Schmuckart earrings, hanging
Material stainless steel
Verarbeitung twisted
Besatz pearl
Stärke 02mm

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