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Humphrey Necklace Colored Gemstone Linear

Linear colored gemstone necklace with pendant

from Humphrey
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3 Peridot 7mm brilliant cut, Col. 0.75mm, pat.

This necklace is simple and elegant, but can be worn every day. With the three 7 mm colored gemstones it is an absolute eye-catcher. The 3 colored gemstones are connected to each other by a thin bridge. The integrated necklace, a rope with a diameter of 0.75 mm, emphasizes the simplicity. The clasp is a plug-in clasp that is easy to use but absolutely secure.

This necklace highlights the personality of the wearer and will attract a lot of attention.

The surfaces are matt. Colored gemstones of the highest quality are used. This means they reflect a lot of light. All edges are softened and feel soft.

The colored gemstones are set in a classic way. Some material is arched over the stone. This looks chic and also protects the colored gemstone.

Humphrey offers a 2-year guarantee on the secure hold of the gemstone if treated properly. However, the lifespan is unlimited. Most of the jewelry Humphrey ever produced is still worn.


The name Peridot comes from the Greek Peridona, which means “even energy” or “giving abundance”. In the European Middle Ages, peridot was often used for ecclesiastical purposes. During the Baroque period, it was the most popular colored stone of that era. In recent years, this colorful gemstone has become increasingly popular.

The most desirable color is an intense apple green. Peridot is one of the very few gemstones that only ever appears in one color, albeit in different shades. Peridot is an idochromatic mineral whose color comes from iron. This means that iron is part of the chemical composition and, as a coloring substance, does not only occur in tiny traces. Peridot crystals are usually relatively small, so the value of this gemstone increases significantly as the size increases. Clean specimens are comparatively rare. Expertly faceted peridots have a particularly pronounced brilliance.

Physical effect:

Peridot has very profound effects that affect the immune system and internal balance. It gives its wearer a more positive attitude to life. We lose melancholy and depression and achieve better contact with the environment. Peridot is associated with the zodiac sign Cancer.

A colored gemstone brings joy for many days and for a lifetime!

Hersteller Humphrey
Geschlecht ladies
Typ elegant;trendy
Schmuckart pendant, necklace
Durchmesser (MM) 0.75
Länge (CM) 40, 45, 42
Material stainless steel
Besatz Peridot, genuine colored gemstones
Steinform brilliant

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