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Verlobungsring bis 1000 Euro - Juwelier Steiner

Engagement ring up to 1000 euros

The most important questions - find the perfect engagement ring in just a few steps

The first step to the perfect proposal is of course the right engagement ring. And it seems to be getting complicated!!!

What should the ring look like? How big should the stone be? How big should the engagement ring be? And how much should the engagement ring cost?

Questions upon questions that can be easily solved.

How much should an engagement ring cost?

No matter how much you want and are able to spend, we can guarantee one thing - your future partner will be over the moon, because when you choose a ring, think about it and imagine how it will make your loved one shine , you are always right!!! At Juwelier Steiner, we have rings in our range from €175 to over €3,000. As I said, no matter what budget you have, you will definitely find what you are looking for with us!

Buy an engagement ring online?

Yes, of course! As a trusted shop, you can rest assured that your package will come to you via insured shipping.

What size do I need to buy?

It's actually not that easy, because the application is usually planned secretly and it would be all too obvious to ask.

So, here's a tip: Measure the inner diameter of a ring that fits well. Here are the instructions -

Classic engagement ring or fancy engagement ring?

THE engagement ring has a stone in a solitaire shape and makes it unique, everyone knows it and everyone knows immediately that it is an engagement ring. In the meantime, however, many people are opting for a more unusual engagement ring. At Juwelier Steiner all designs are included, from round to square - engagement ring with stone or engagement ring without stone - engagement ring with colored stone - you will find it with us.

Okay, that's clarified with the ring - then all that's missing is the proposal!