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Bruno Söhnle - Juwelier Steiner

Bruno Soehnle

Bruno Söhnle – high-tech from Germany

Tradition and progress! Bruno Söhnle made these values ​​his maxim when he began producing high-quality quartz watches Made in Germany in Glashütte in 2000. While high-quality quartz watches with Swiss quartz movements laid the foundation for success, high-precision mechanical models soon caused a stir in the world of watch lovers. Today, watches from Bruno Söhnle in Glashütte are among the best-known and most popular precision chronometers among style- and quality-conscious watch lovers.

Black Forest watchmaking art is refined in Glashütte

Bruno Söhnle began to make a name for himself in the watch business as early as 1957. First in the native Wurmberg in the Black Forest, later also as a West German sales partner for high-quality mechanical models of VEB Glashütter Uhrenbetriebe. In April 2000 Söhnle finally moved to Saxony. Together with four employees he founded the Bruno Söhnle watch studio Glashütte/Sa. to henceforth produce high-quality quartz watches made in Germany at this traditional location of German watchmaking art.

High-quality quartz watches and precise mechanical models

In the Assmann-Haus in Glashütte, Bruno Söhnle set up a production and development facility for high-quality chronometers made in Germany. Söhnle and his highly qualified employees began to develop quartz watches that were second to none. Watches were created around modified Swiss quartz movements, which harmonize beauty, functionality and the highest quality. In 2008, the watch studio expanded its range with high-precision mechanical watches with winding mechanisms. In 2010, the automatic collection rounded off the portfolio of outstanding quality watches. Today, Söhnle offers 55 product lines, including pocket watches.

Watches made in Germany with a special magic

The company Juwelier Steiner is pleased to be able to offer you a wide range of these traditional watches in the Juwelier Steiner online shop. We offer both mechanical models and high-quality quartz watches from the Assmann house in Glashütte. Be enchanted by the beauty and functionality of a watch that is more than just a chronometer. Söhnle watches are real pieces of jewelry that always radiate the noble shine of something special.